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Anonymous whispered: hey so idk if you guys can say anything that'll help here but I've been feeling really really fucking sad lately I've dealt with depression for like 3 years now but it's super shitty now and I'm so apathetic it sucks so bad I feel really numb all the time but anyways I guess I started drinking a lot lately to try and feel something and I know it's bad for me because I'm underage but at this point it's kind of like fuck it I want to die anyways so sorry for bothering you guys


life is a shitty gift that no one asked for but like what if you meet a really cool dog soon? why would you not want to be around for the potential of spending time with a really fucking chill dog. i drink too much to deal with my anxiety disorder but have recently made some big steps towards getting that shit in check. i can’t give you actual advice on your depression. that shit is complicated and i feel like i would only come across as insensitive. i know you may have been told this before but spend time with the shit that makes you happy. waste no time with shitty mother fuckers or shitty situations. burn it down and walk away. watch futurama for 5 hours a day because that is better than real life.
- derrick